Men’s Turf
Type: Cushioning
Weight: 292 Grams (10.3 oz)
Batter up, power up. The Turf 4040v3 was designed to improve your performance and power at all stages of your game.

Built for playing stability, this premium baseball shoe provides a consistent feel from turf to cleat so that your game stays on-point.
Full length REVlite midsole
High traction nubby turf outsole
Probalance sole platform
Synthetic/mesh upper

The Drive Zone
Pressure testing showed that power comes from loading up on the first metatarsal and big toe area.
The Drive Zone is a uniquely textured area of the insert that provides a mental reminder of where players

Seamless Vamp
One-piece supple synthetic provides continuous flexibility in the saddle.

Thin film along the saddle provides lightweight support and breathability.

Debris Free Tongue
Gusset tongue construction helps keep dirt and small rocks away from your foot.

Advanced Cushioning
During the portion of the game when a player is mentally active, they need to be ready to be physically explosive.
The 4040v3 is made to ease the transition as their weight shifts from back to front, with enhanced heel cushioning that helps deflect impact.

Product Features

  • Mid-top baseball shoe featuring glossy synthetic overlays and sawtooth turf traction sole
  • Full-length REVlite midsole
  • Pro bank forefoot
  • Pro-balance sole platform
  • High traction nubby turf outsole